Asha Saini (aka Mayuri or Flora) is a sizzling siren on screen in both Tamil and Telugu film industry by her bold exposing.

Asha Saini has acted in numerous Telugu films and has a good number of loyal admirers is South India. Apparently, Asha who was seen pairing opposite many noted stars in the Telugu industry was seen on and off in the Tamil screen as a heroine in few films and she is known for her item numbers in Tollywood.

Asha Saini's real name is Flora Saini and is popularly known as 'Lux Paapa' for her hit number in Narasinhanaidu.

She was born in Chadigarh. Her mother's name is Kamal Saini. And her father's name is J.S.Saini, who works in the military. Her father encouraging Asha in pursuing cine career.

She completes her graduation in Calcutta (now Kolkata). After her studies she participate in beauty contests and she was declared as Miss Calcutta. She was also involved in modeling.

Later she move to Mumbai to learn acting. Namita trained her and during training, she met Mr. Veer Shankar. He introduced her in his film Prema Kosam . And then came her next movie E.V.V.'s Chaalabagundi.

One may not know Mayuri or Asha Saini but none can forget 'lux papa'. Asha Saini became famous with her 'lux papa' song in Narasimha Naidu and with the fame she got by that, she bagged many side-heroine roles in big films and main heroine roles in small films successively.

Asha Saini aka Flora Saini was arrested in Chennai on Mar 11, 2008 when she tried to get visa using forged documents at American Embassy. She had gone to American embassy along with her assistant Sri Latha to obtain visa and the officials found that she is using forged documents.

Chennai Police suspect she is trying to take Sri Latha into USA with her. The officials found contradictory details on the documents and questioned them. However not convinced with the reply, they questioned the actress' agent Venkat Reddy and he too said to have given misleading details that prompted the Embassy officials to report to police.

Following the complaint, the police had arrested Asha Saini and the two others. Asha Saini reportedly told the officials that she is leaving for USA for 'consulting some producers about a Telugu film. Chennai police headed by Deputy Commissioner Mourya, Assistant Commissioner Ravindran and Inspector Irudhayam are investigating the case.

Asha Saini changed her name to Mayuri after the visa fiasco in the US embassy and says she will bounce back from all the controversy.

She took a two year gap and is back in action with tamil movie Uchakattam. This is a comeback movie for Flora as she is doing the lead role after a long time. So, she has exhibited upmost glamour in this film and her appearance in every scene will be a feast for the audience. Besides glamour, she has also acted in a lip lock scene with Gemini, hero of the film. It is said that Flora had no hesitation in performing the lip lock and she performed it aesthetically. But that single lip lock scene took 10 takes because the hero was slightly nervous. ‘Uchakattam’ is a ghost-centric thriller in which Miss Bangalore Swathi is doing the ghost role. The movie is produced by Gopal, and directed by Navin..

The actress is got Limca Book of records as three of her films released on the same day that is December 31st. One of them is Broker and the other two in Malayalam and Kannada.

Lux papa - Asha Saini is gossiped by few sources to be deep struck in love and romance with a director in Tollywood.

Asha Saini was even gossiped to have been gifted a Rs. 5 crore building by this director few days ago in Mumbai and he is now spending most of his time there with lovely Lux Papa.

She had acted in many films in Telugu but never made it to the big league. She has also changed her screen name recently as Mayuri to get luck.

The biggest advantage for Asha Saini is her figure. She is looking hot as she looked in lux papa song. She danced in a few item songs in the films 'Paramanandayya Sishyula Katha', 'Comedy Express', 'Broker' and 'Chattam'. The most expected experimental projects 'Aa Intlo' in the direction of Chinna and off late 'Broker' in the direction of RP Patnaik disappointed Asha Saini.

She is enticing audiences with her dances and on the other way exciting directors, producers and financiers by escorting them, say sources.