Foreign Exchange is an Australian fantastic's television programme broadcast by Southern Star during 2004.. The pair are brought together from opposite sides of the world, due to a transfer portal. The series of 26 episodes was created by the Australian John Rapsey and directed by Annie Murtagh-Monks and Gillian Reynolos. It starred Lynn Styles as Hannah O Flaherty, a feisty Irish girl, and Zachary Garred as Brett Miller, a sun-drenched Australian boy.A young Australian surfer who finds a portal that takes him to Ireland, in the basement of a boarding school, O'Keeffe's College. He becomes the best friend of Hannah, and they never tell anyone about the portal. Originally an only child, his mother Jackie re-married to Craig and he now has a little sister Meredith. Also living in the home is Wayne, his big brother. In Ireland, Brett finds work as a janitor's assistant. Initially in love with Tara, over the course of the series, he realises that his true passion is Hannah. The school's director, Miss Murphy Barbara Griffin, is suspicious of her disappearances when she goes to Australia. Hannah loves Brett's family and vice versa. In Australia everyone thinks she is a surfer.An Irish student at O'Keeffe's College, best friend of Brett. She boards at the school as a roommate with Tara. Hannah is smart and a close friend of Cormac, the local genius.Daughter of Jackie and Craig, little sister of Wayne and Brett. Meredith is a generous, kind, honest, intelligent girl and always gives her opinion. She likes Brett and Hannah a lot, and she thinks that they are an item, and also likes Wayne although he is often rude and loud. She loves to read.