This book was written in very basic form to cater to the maximum number of potential forex investors. Forex investing is very risky and investors can lose money. Therefore it is prudent to fully understand the markets before investing your hard earned money. There are many ways for potential investors to practice forex trading without actually opening an account. I believe that it is very sensible to use a practice account first just in case forex trading is not right for you. This book in no way should be considered a guarantee of profits in the forex markets. Forex trading is very risky. Only risk capital should be used for this type of speculative investment.The forex markets are a true electronic or over-the-counter exchange. There is no physical or central forex exchange location. The forex market is comprised of a global network of banks, corporations and individuals who are buying and selling currencies 24 hours a day, except on weekends. Forex trading follows the sun around the globe. The most active exchange centers are in Tokyo, Singapore, London and New York. When Asian trading session ends the European session begins and when the European session ends the North American session begins and so on.