Veena Malik is a Pakistani actress, model and comedienne. Over a span of ten years, she has worked with news channels and in movies, garnering accolades and acclaim for her performances. Malik has since established herself as a leading actress of Urdu cinema.

Veena Malik's real name Zahida Malik. She has claimed to be born on 26 February 1980 in Lahore, Pakistan, to a doctor working at an army medical hospital. The family soon settled in Rawalpindi after the child was born. Her grandmother named her Zahida but the parents insisted on keeping Veena as the girl's first name. Her father's busy schedule led her grandmother to become Veena's guardian from the time she was six years old and nurtured her until her teens when she died.

Her father is Ali Malik, a former Pakistani army soldier and her mother, Zeenat Malik. Veena Malik has five sisters and one brother. One of her elder sisters is a lecturer in Abdur Qadeer College, Rawalpindi.

She holds a BA in Sociology, Psychology and Persian.

Coming from a conservative Muslim family, Veena has faced great adversity from members of her family, especially her father,on her decision to join show business but has emerged as one of the leading women in the Pakistani television and films with her abilities to mimic others and improvise.

Before starting her career off as an actress, Malik worked as a comedian for several television shows and series.

Like all people desiring to join the industry in Pakistan, Veena started with the film industry in Lahore, the home of Lollywood, an amalgamation of the city's name with Hollywood. She was to meet the likes of Mukhtar Ahmed and Jarar Rizvi in 1999, who landed her a role in the epic Pakistani film Tere Pyar Mein. By the end of the year, she was already being considered for other such projects when she became a part of a growing scandal.

In October 2010, Malik appeared in the Indian television reality show Bigg Boss Season 4. She was evicted two weeks before the finals, and was one of the final six contestants out of the original fourteen who had participated. Malik was also part of the finale of the show.

In February 2011, Veena Malik became part of the Cricket World Cup reality show in Delhi, India, called "Big Toss." Big Toss was a reality game show with contestants and Malik as the captain of one team, against Rakhi Sawant and her team.

In March 2011, Malik engaged in a passionate debate with a mufti, who claimed she had engaged in immoral behaviour as a contestant on Bigg Boss, even though he admitted to not having watched the show. Malik countered pointing out the double standards of Pakistani media against women among other rebuttals.

The FHM (For Him Magazine) magazine has published a strip photo shoot Veena Malik that they have gotten though her photo shoot video. FHM India says they got her video though her email ID and they have proof of that.

The FHM cover shows Veena Malik tattooed her arms with 'ISI'- Pakistan's notorious intelligence agency known for its close ties with terror organizations. The issue also has Malik talking about controversial topics like veil in Muslim societies.

Veena Malik has meanwhile denied doing any such photo shoot and says the photo is forged and modified to show her completely nude. Veena Malik says she was topless but did not pose completely nude, and has sued the magazine over the images.

However the news about Veena Malik's strip off photo shoot has gone viral on the web and among her Pakistani fans and critics.

Veena Malik, who was reported ‘missing’ for two days resurfaced, and insisted that she was in a Mumbai hotel ‘resting’ not missing.

There were rumours that the Pakistani actress had staged her own disappearance for a publicity stunt, while other reports said that she had left India in a burqa for over-staying her visa.

But Malik says that she has been in India all this time and checked in a hotel ‘to crash’.